Android by Google has been one of the best OS introduced to us as we all know. With each upgraded version, there is something new that is added to the system. Being a developer and making your own apps for Android, you must know the top ways to promote it as it is a huge market and it is going to be a huge struggle if you are not marketing your app properly. Here are the tips to promote your Android app in 2019.

Create a great app

The first thing to do to promote your app on app store is to create an app which everyone needs. If your idea is to create an app which gets noticed on the app store, it better have an attractive interface and something which makes it stand out among other application. Most of the apps fail on the internet due to poor user experience.

Optimize before uploading

Make sure to check your app multiple times before submitting it to the app store. The app can contain a lot of bugs that can go unnoticed, and you need to make sure that the product that you upload does not crash for your users. You will boost your rank only if you get good user ratings, so optimizing your app is really necessary.

Make an Impressive Icon


Logo can actually play a major role in attracting your users. A poor logo can tell about the user experience a user can expect. Most of the users nowadays want to use the apps which provide a great design. Use a high quality logo to make sure that it reflects your application. Give the logo of your app equal importance as your app itself.

Offer Installs Using Facebook

Today you can use Facebook to promote your app by using paid advertising channels like Facebook. You can even get potential users by using location, age, interests, etc. on Facebook.

Submit the App on Multiple Stores

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There are many stores where you can submit your application, other than app store. It will provide you a much wider audience. Apart from the Google PlayStore, you can upload your app on App Brain, Mobigenie, SlideME, and Amazon App Store. Availability on different stores will make it easily accessible for people using different app stores.

Provide It For Free

Most of the users do not waste their time searching for apps which will cost them money. Most of their searches happen only over the free section of the app store. If you put out your first app for a price and it does not satisfy your users to the fullest, expect a lot of reviews from the users about ‘paying and not receiving the expected service’ which will chase away future potential downloads.


The last part of promoting your app includes making a video, advertising on social media, and treating the customers who share your app. You can do these things on your own or hire an advertising company to make videos for you. This way you will reach out to more people, while you can focus of the development work. For more information, please contact our expert